A Great Gig with Bonemachine in Alkmaar

Café de Pilaren, Alkmaar
Café de Pilaren, Alkmaar

Knowing quite a few musicians in the Netherlands, I’m often asked to take pictures or record videos of their gigs, which I gladly do so, as I love music. This time the blues rock cover band, Bonemachine asked me to attend their gig in Café de Pilaren in Alkmaar. Their drummer, Ruud Mangelsdorf left the country to live in Bonaire, the Caribbean Islands and their new drummer, David Bonsels was introduced to the audience. The band itself was established four years ago – they play blues rock music, creating an amazing atmosphere everywhere they go.

David is from Switzerland, Kevin is from Canada, Hans and Niels are from The Netherlands.

It was extremely cold that day, but the band needed a few group photos, so we all went outside to have the pictoresque city centre of Alkmaar as a background. It was rather difficult to take any serious photos of them, because none of them are too serious. Their playfulness works quite well on the pictures, though.

Inside, they were warming up, indeed! All photos were taken handheld, ISO 4000+ , because I did not want to interrupt their performance and annoy their audience, hence the blurry and noisy pictures. While I definitely prefer taking sharp pictures, sometimes it’s a bit overrated – in cases like this, a bit of blurriness works well with the subject.

I also recorded a few videos – it’s a band playing music after all:

Don’t Shake My Hand

Lust for Life

Sugar Rush

Fool for Your Stockings

Red House


The last song is usually the most difficult to record as the audience gets rather heated by the music and the consumed alcohol, but just held on to my gear tighter and had fun 🙂

Nice Legs, Shame about Your Face

You can follow Bonemachine and keep updated on the gigs on their Facebook page. You can also book them for gigs!



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